Carnival Hour Plays

Mon, 18 Sep 2017 to Sat, 23 Sep 2017

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    TRTS presents the two one-act plays, judged the best of our

    One-Act Play Writing Competition 2017

    In no particular order -

    In High Places a social comedy

    by Queensland playwright Bruce Clark


    On the day that the PM of Australia is about to hold a press conference to announce
    the transferring of all remaining refugees from Dugong Creek Correction Centre to mainland China,
    an office cleaner whose husband is still held in Dugong Creek confronts the PM demanding his release.

    A Million Civilians – a black comedy

    by New South Wales playwright Mark Macrossan


    Dom is an architect seeking riches and success in a city of cranes and five star hotels –
    a place that is at once a 21st century construct, a living symbol of obsession with material wealth,
    and a manifestation of something firmly implanted in the contemporary western psyche.
    Dom’s ticket is Alan, an expat who is offering to help, but at a price. Natalie, who is married to Dom,
    has put her career back home on hold … for her husband, for their marriage, and for something else.
    Meanwhile, as the relationship between the three gradually reveals itself
    and then unfolds and unravels against this backdrop of latter-day extravagance,
    a million people are taking flight in another part of the world, running for their lives
    Both plays performed on each of six nights (Monday to Saturday)
    curtain is at 7.30pm on all nights

    Directed, cast and crewed by Repertory members.

    This festival will culminate in the announcement

    of the first and second place competition winners on September 23.